Captura de ecrã 2015-04-11, às 11.34.55Interstar AUTOMOTIVE develops, manufactures and sells high-quality automotive electronics internationally to optimize the performance of diesel and turbocharged petrol engines. interstar AUTOMOTIVE is the market leader in the field of additional control units to optimize the performance of modern engines in passenger cars.
Interstar AUTOMOTIVE’s performance optimization not only reveals how much more power an engine has to offer, but also increases torque while simultaneously optimizing fuel consumption. The improved performance therefore not only offers a more pleasurable and emotional driving experience, but also allows for lower fuel consumption. Not without reason is interstar AUTOMOTIVE one of the best in the field of digital performance optimization in combination with efficient fuel consumption.
Adjustment of the injection parameters is undertaken by means of specially developed software, which makes it possible to regulate the fuel injection parameters for each and every manufacturer. Such expertise is unique the world over!
Interstar AUTOMOTIVE’s performance optimization works like a little computer, offering state-of-the-art technology with precision. It is not until every objective has been fulfilled that a product is released for sale on the open market.


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