sucp_ThermoTecCoolIt07_zSince 1987, Thermo Tec has been proud to offer customers the latest in exhaust insulating and heat protection technology. Their mission has always been to use research, experience, and innovation to provide a quality product to our valued customers. Thermo Tec’s goal is to exceed  customers’ expectations in solving the ever pressing destructive nature of exhaust heat.


Exhaust Insulating – Insulating solutions for multiple applications
Coatings/AdhesivesCoatings/Adhesives – High temperature coatings and adhesives
Fasteners/Rollers/TapesFasteners/Rollers/Tapes – Fasteners,Tape and Rollers for multiple applications
Sound and Heat BarriersSound and Heat Barriers – Barriers against heat and sound
Heat Shields and ProtectionHeat Shields and Protection – Shields that protect from radiant heat
SleevingSleeving – Sleeves that protect hoses and wires